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Ezzi & Alexander


  1. Bill Grim

    Very uplifting song! Don’t mean to be critical, but the lead singer pinches the e vowels too much. The song is nice but I do believe it would be more captivating with a softer tone. The lyrics suggest humility.

  2. Eva Aanya Preston

    Amazing and Powerful!!!
    Just soo00oo STUNNING!!!!
    Thank you for sharing Yourself
    I loved it ☆☆☆☆ Eva Aanya !

  3. Gwendolyn Fryer

    I resonnate to many of your songs. They are powerful and full of lifes truths. I love the rain, after, help me, circles, young and alive. I feel that I really needed to hear these wounderful soulful sound healing sounds and lyrics. Thank you! I wish I was back in philly and get to know you. My godfather and uncle was a composer in Paris. He is burried in same cemetary as Van Gogh. His name was Alphonse Stallaert. He was beknighted by the queen of Holland. He was dutch. He wrote me a song when I was 3. It was played for me by another composer in NY. It was beautiful. I have used this hand written music in my work.

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